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What I'm Doing Tonight: Minecraft City Construction Challenge: Part 3

Finally mined myself out a little side room to call my own, and made 8 cookies which means I can move on to the second stage of civilization!

Underground bedroom

Here's stage two's requirements:


- At least 1 community structure must be constructed (excluding town hall and stage 1 structures).
- A town hall must be constructed, which must contain:
- A front door
- A meeting room
- A town treasury
- At least 1 other room (can be empty)
- Paths must be created linking the town hall to each house


Treasury must contain:
- 1 stack of cobble/stone per player
- 10 items of edible food per person
- At least 1 of each:
- Stone Sword
- Stone Pickaxe
- Stone Shovel
- Stone Axe
- Stone Hoe
- Stack of 64 torches
Hi from Nage Libre

What I'm Doing Tonight: Minecraft City Construction Challenge: Part 2

So far, my most exciting find has been this:
Crazy Dungeon!

It's a zombie dungeon that's on top of a mineshaft over a ravine. Yeah, I looted the chest and got the heck out of there. With no armor and a wooden sword, I'm not feeling too cocky. My house is a bit of hill I've dug out by a pond, so I can shelter my slow-growing wheat farm. Haven't found any coal. Can't wait to be able to use stone tools!

Goals so far:

- You must own at least 1 dwelling to live in, made from any material allowed and it must be safe to sleep in.
- The dwelling must contain:
X A front door
X A living area
- A Bedroom with at least 1 bed, must be a seperate room with a door or on a separate floor.
X A bed for each player participating, must be in a dwelling.
X A fenced off (or otherwise protected), working wheat farm that must have at least 5 wheat per person participating (1 person needs 5 wheat growing, 2 need 10 wheat etc.)


X 1 stack of 64 planks (or 16 wood) per person participating
- 5 items of edible food per person (e.g. 5 porkchops, 5 bread, 4 bread and 1 porkchop etc.)

What I'm Doing Tonight: Minecraft City Construction Challenge


I'm playing in Normal Mode -- I'm going to create a world and find somewhere flattish, near water, to settle, and see how it goes from there. :D

Basic Rules:
- Mine shafts must be at least 3x3 areas (except in naturally generated caves)
- If you find a bucket, you may use it regardless of the stage you are in.
- Any NPC constructs do not count towards requirements, but you may use anything you find (e.g. If you find a smelter, you can use it... however if you are still in stage 1 you cannot craft more smelters)
- Raw food and zombie flesh does not count towards item requirements (but may still be eaten)
- Use at least 'Easy' game difficulty
- Do not cheat at any point in this challenge
- Post your progress on this thread (optional) [I'm posting here instead]

My world seed: Construction!

From the 1969 Betty Crocker Cookbook

Breakfast Specials

Mary's sleeping over! Jim's bringing a girl home from college! You've asked friends to come for brunch after church. Or you just woke up this morning so full of goodwill that you wanted to make the day special. That's the day for any one of the good things in this section. (Our testers tell us they're delicious!) Spread this morning sunshine all through the day--any time's a good time for these coffee companions. And they're just as good with a glass of milk, a cup of tea or even a mug of soup!

I mean, good grief, look at all those exclamation points. The mind boggles.


I managed to find a really lovely recipe that I used to whip up dinner here tonight: Pork chops with maple-apple acorn squash. The pork is covered with onions that have been sauteed with thyme, and it's a surprisingly good combination. The acorn squash with apples, maple syrup and cinnamon, though, is absolutely fantastic. I had a squash the size of my head, so there's a lot leftover. Yay!

Recipe: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/1938


Tried to go see Greta Christina speak tonight -- about a two hour drive. Traffic was bad. Okay, I figured, we'll be a tiny bit late. Weather was horrible. Okay, like an hour late.

Indiana is in a different time zone than Illinois.

Missed it entirely. Spent four hours in the car driving through the single dullest stretch of countryside I've ever seen in horrid weather for fuck all.

Somehow, I'm in a good mood anyway. ^.^