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Woo hoo!

The ever-spiffy duo of Mom and Brian-dad sent me an Amazon.com gift card as a 'congrats' for finishing SSE. After thinking long and hard (for all of... eh, ten minutes) about what I wanted, I bought a bunch of stuff while bouncing up and down. I've got three CDs, two movies, and the first season of Fushigi Yuugi headed my way. Wheeeeeeeeeeee~! Thank you, mom and dad!

Made cookies today too! Yummy orange chocolate chip cookies. Jax, Brennen and my grandma claim that they are very good, and so do I.

Tomorrow is Mom and Brian-dad's first anniversary! Yay~! Party party!

It's a happy time, that's for sure. *dances*

Oh, and I joined writing_days again. Whee x 100!