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Pestered and serenaded

I got my shipment from yesterday (two day ealier than they said it'd be here!) and I am very, very happy with the CD I got. October Project! Wheeee! I have to do a lyrics post here, 'cause one of the songs perfectly expressed the way I feel about my friends, how I want to kind of project them.

Hush, close your eyes
And I'll keep you safe
Allow you to weep
And sing you to sleep

Don't be afraid
Remember I'm here
The noise in the street
Will soon disappear

When the soft face of mercy
Is lost behind a veil
I will stay with eyes open
Stay here with eyes open
To watch over you
And take away the sadness and the fear

Hide in my arms
And dream golden dreams
Forgetting the world
Of men and machines

When the soft eyes of mercy
Are blinded by the dark
I will stay with eyes open
Stay here with eyes open
To watch over you
And take away the sadness and the fear

I'll be here

Yeah, it's all mushy and sentimental, etc, but I really like it. Beautiful music, and the singer's voice is very unique.

My mom's bugging me to get editing on my novel again, and it's really annoying. *sigh* Not much I can do. I kinda want to finish my 25 day challenge before I start editing again. Maybe if I just do a little editing every day... yeah, that might work.

Note to Maria-chan: Thursday night is mooooovie night, yes?

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