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Man, my brain is stuck in HTML mode now. @.....@ Updated my site, added nine stories and five poems. Most of it is stuff I did for the twenty five day challenge. (Which I failed on my second try, by the way. *sigh*)

  • My novel. Ok, I'm not technically working on it, but I should be. Not a word, mom, not one word!
  • "Listening" Rin/Isaaru, FFX-2 era 'fic. Sooo cloose to being done~~~!
  • "Court Tales" Ancient Japan court-ish setting, vampire + general + complications. I'm not even sure where I'm going with this one. Eheheh...
  • I'd like to start a Squall/Irvine 'fic for a contest, but I don't have any concrete ideas yet, just a bunch of random bits.
  • Vauge cultural ideas that I'm slowly working into a story. At this point, it's all in my head.
  • Anything else that randomly attacks my brain.
  • Massive English project. Need to do that this weekend, seriously. VERY seriously.

    It's totemo writing time! [/bad Japanese]

    Right. Write right now.

    Warm evening wind stirs my heart's desire.
    My soul is in need of rest.
    I weep and he soothes my sorry,
    And we share a storm in the summer dusk.

    ...That was just random, and I liked it. Yay for Haiku word magnets turned to non-Haiku use.

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