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Aha! Aha! Ahahahaha! (I am Resident Eeeeevil~!)

I'm not sleeping tonight. My goal is to stay awake and write massive amounts of fiction, including:

- Court Tales pt. 14 (or more)
- The (hopefully) last part of Listening
- I'm thinking about writing a series of really short stories (like... 100 words each, or so) describing simple sensations. Could be fun, could be really stupid. I think I'm going to call 100 word pieces "Story Candy." It's bite-sized and yummy!
- Description of a femmy boy for a project
[edit1] - And this "cute girl" story for a friend

I shall edit this repeatedly if I managed to finish anything. I have two cups of coffee in my system, and three cans of double shot espresso in the fridge. Bring it on, need for sleep!

[edit2] Finished femme boy description, and quite happy with it. Haven't yet hit the point when I'd normally sleep.

1) Espresso at 1am

The cold can makes my hand want to flinch. I lift it to my lips, tilt it up, sip. Slightly bitter coffee mixed with cream, the taste coats my tongue, and I feel it travel down to my stomach. A slight shiver for the cold. A stronger one when the caffine hits, making my brain perk up and my nerves tingle. I want to move, but I sit and take another sip. Beautiful, cold, bittersweet pleasure in my veins. I can stay awake a little longer and let my mind dance as I revel in the night, full of promises.

2) Night

Night is: dark; colder; quieter; emptier; magical; lonely; full of promise. Things happen at night that will never see the light of day. It loosens inhibitions, sets the mind free and allows the body to follow it. You can kiss a stranger, find mythical creatures strolling the streets, dance and laugh in the rain, be amazed by the beautiful play of light and shadow. Find depth in the world and yourself, fall in love with no one, hate everyone, become more than you are. Just remember that none of this will withstand sunlight's bitter cruelty, its ability to destroy enchantment.

3) Kiss

Sitting/standing/laying close enough to feel your body heat. Looking up at your eyes, then down to your mouth and I can't look away. Lean in closer, watch your eyes flutter closed, and close my own. Tilt my head just a little, and close the distance. Your lips are warm, soft, like two pieces of firm yet slightly pliant satin. They part slightly, and we share our breath in a gentle gust. Pull back slowly, open my eyes to see yours very close. I smile, and so do you. I tilt my head, and we move together once more.


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