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Angst-filled song

The person who I asked to read this over before I posted it said he almost cried, so I think I've done well... or badly, since I'll make people sad. ^.^;; Sorry, sorry.

This is meant to be a song, but I don't have a tune for it yet.

[Verse 1]
Trapped behind this unlocked door,
Staring out my window at the freedom so far away.
My heart's wishing that there was more
Love. I know there used to be, some days.

Now, there's a would-be mother and
You: A father who ignores me and
I'm staying out as late as I can

So I don't I have see your back;
Always turned my way, these days
So you don't see the joy I lack;
It's always because of you, these days.
[end chorus]

[Verse 2]
This place called home is where my heart dies,
Watching strangers I used to love drift away.
My walls didn't always echo with sighs,
But I just can't remember when, some days.

Now the only time I'm happy's when
I'm not within these empty halls, when
The only ones near are my beloved friends.

[repeat chorus]

This has just gone on for so long ...
I'm not even going to consider thinking
Of maybe caring
and maybe hurting.
I'll just stare up at the ceiling,
More than maybe crying because I'm leaving,
But when I leave I won't miss you

[Final chorus]
'Cause I won't have to see your back
And know I've forgotten your face, these days
I'll go find the love and joy I lack,
And trust me, I'm not coming back.
Sorry, father, you're getting sacked
And I'll never, ever look back on these days.

Comments? Suggestions about the poem? Please?

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