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What's the point of these subject lines, really?

In an attempt to undermine my indecisiveness, I've made a list of all my in-progress work and I'm asking for a small favor:

[what I need to do with it]
{pairings/rating-ish things}
(storyline/character notes)

1 - Embla's Novel [edit] {Yaoi/Yuri/Het}
2 - Handshake-based culture [write] {undecided}
* 3 - Unfinished songs/poems [many] {various}
4 - Zephyr's story [continue] {maybe yaoi}
5 - Unnamed [edit + continue] {yaoi/het}
6 - Tristian/Malus' Novel [edit] {yaoi/yuri/het}
* 7 - "Cute girl" story [finish] {yuri/het}
8 - Dream-based idea [write] {yaoi/yuri/het}
9 - USEYSWB: "Untitled slightly ecchi yaoi story with bishounen" aka "90% of what I write" [continue] {uh.. yaoi. duh}
* 10 - Soujiro/Misao story [Rurouni Kenshin] [Finish] {het}
11 - Library of Doooom [continue] {undecided, most likely het}
12 - Alexander's story [continue] {yaoi/het, most likely}
** 13 - Gackt & Klaha-based story [finish] {yaoi!}
14 - Mikell's story [write] {yaoi}
15 - Play stared w/ a friend [write] {het?}
16 - "Ball" [finish] {yaoi?}
* 17 - "Diary" [continue] {various/none?} (Main chara is genderless immortal)

* 18 - Court Tales [finish] {yaoi, het?]
* 19 - Listening [FFX-2] [Finish] {yaoi}
20 - Just another shoujo story [continue] {het}
* 21 - On the Altar [finish] {yaoi}
* 22 - Storyteller's Truth [continue] {?}
23 - Mist-Adventures [massively revise, continue] {het}
24 - Fantasy Quest [potentially throw out/revise & continue] {het}
25 - Magic Employee [revise? Continue] {het, maaaybe yaoi/yuri}
26 - Elementals [revise + continue] {het}
27 - Diary of a friendly stalker [write/finish] {yaoi?}
28 - Doorway to Elsewhere [write] {??}
29 - Angel's Harem [finish] {yuri/het}
30 - Flame [finish] {yuri}

The asterisks are other people's votes, by the way. Also, if you want details/an explanation of what a story is about, just ask. >.> No promises on how well I remember though. Some of these are verging on ancient.

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