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Graduating + TONTIE

I have to annouce the "important" stuff first: I got a massive high score on Tontie. I got to level 21 with a score of 279,060. Booya. (Or maybe I should say... BOOM, babay~!)

Yeah, so graduation itself was pretty dull. Speakers were long-winded and too repetitive, music was so-so with the exception of a group of six girls that performed. They were really good. I tripped down the stairs getting off the stage, but I don't think anybody noticed. ^.^;;;; The guy I sat next to was an annoying asshole too. Maaan, he needed to shut up. Sure, the speakers were dull and all, but that doesn't mean you have to be rude to all of 'em. Grr.

So, after the boredom ceremony, I ditched all my stuff and headed out to get on the bus for the all-night party, only to realize I didn't have my ticket. It said on the tickets "May not board bus without ticket," so I was thinking "Oh shit, my family just left and I can't go to the party... I'm soo screwed." But, they let me on once I gave 'em my last name. Panic attack for nothing. ^.^

The grad party itself was fuuuun~! We went to Bullwinkle's, huge arcade-type place. There was free food (Pizza!), karaoke, laser tag, bumper boats, rock climbing, go carts, a DDR machine, and a ton of arcade games. All free. ^......^ So spiffy.

I played DDR a lot(my legs were hurting so bad after a while), and karaoke'd a few songs. ("Pretty fly for a white guy" with a bunch of friends, "Kiss from a rose" with this girl in choir, "Love Potion #9" with friends and "Don't speak" with Jax) I was so freaked out the first time I went up, but when I realized nobody cared about us (we got zero applause for most songs) I kept going. Oh, had some italian sodas too. Mmm, those things are good.

I won a portable boombox thingy in the raffle, which kinda pissed me off. Can't really use it since I'm leaving in six days. *sigh* I'm hoping to trade it to someone for their gift certificate. (everyone got $20 certs for the mall)

So, they dropped us back at school around 5:30am and I got a ride home and collapsed into bed. Got up again at 11 and now I'm kinda bored. But graduated! That's an improvement. ^.^

Gotta pack, get my PSone and such, and then hopefully go to Uwajimaya tonight. And hang out with someone. ^.^ Gotta get in all the hanging out I can before I leave. (On a side note: ANGST!) Well, at least I've got stuff to do this weekend. A party for me on Saturday (might be good, might not... it's family-hosted), and a party for a friend on Sunday. Partaay~!

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