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Happy community!

Go to the_haven! It's a community where you post some good things that happened to you today, and can read others' entries. ^.^ It's very cheering. Cheering is something I needed more than air today. ...and probably tomorrow, and the next day, etc. ~.....~ So much angst over here.


Ok, I have this culture I'm building. I've told a couple of people about it. It started when I thought of their rules for hand-shakes (always used as a greeting); different levels of politeness, etc. The reason behind this is because they believe their deity created the world when it cut off its hand. (Its different fingers became different things) Well, I thought that this world needed a conflict, and I ended up with another religion, an older, now-supressed one. They believe that their deity tore out its heart to create the world, therefore dying to give everything life. Sort of a martyr-deity. The big thing is that they think their deity is dead. Worshipping it is more of a funeral service kind of thing.

...Does that sound interesting to anyone? Anybody want to hear more?

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