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I'm alive~~!

Yay, I made it to Scotland alive and well, with my luggage this time. (Eat it, airports!!)

Hmm... I failed to do anything productive on my plane trips, unless you count adding a good 10 hours to my FFTactics Advance game. ^.^;; Idea summaries later after I get past jet lag.

Dunno when I'm getting my compy built either... I'll have to remember to ask.

I have two new ideas on the "stuff to do since I can't work over the summer" list. First, I'm gonna work with my dear buddy Ty-chu to design me some new clothes, and have mom make 'em. Yay, new clothes. I may even learn some basic... *shudder* sewing.

Second, I was thinking of creating a webpage about what I'm doing over here in Scotland. I already have a bunch of ideas, like showcasing really good food I've found, reasons why Scotland rocks, beautiful places, etc. What does everyone think? I have a digital camera and I mostly know how to use it! This is so do-able. ^.^

As for the comments on my last post:

riansnider: ^.^ See you later too, I suppose... and good luck on the novel this year. *nudge nudge*

newtypeshadowI have 'net access (but sadly, not my own comp yet), so you'll be hearing from me a lot, I'm sure. I'm headed to the University of Aberdeen. (UoA! Does that sound like some tortured scream to you?)

crannyapple^.^;; I already miss "boring ole Milwaukie," and you guys over there had damn well come and visit me or I'm gonna go over there and kick some asses! ...unrelated, but did you get the note I left on your compy?

afirek_nema That's it? I don't even get a "I'll miss you?" Well, at least I hold some kind of record... and it's better than Ben remembering me for the "Indecent Squid" thing. ("Ikagawashii ika... Kasou.")

sahdesmith You didn't even bother replying to my goodbye post! *sniff* I run off to Scotland, and you have to be a big meeeeeeanie. ...Yeah, so you're probably not even checking LJ.

Aaaand, that's all I have to say for now. Daaymn, but I need some sleep

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