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Stuff that's happened/is happening + Harry Potter goes local!

Let's see... went to a classical concert yesterday, which was very good, and a Celtic music one today that was great. This group dived into these crazy fast songs and then just stopped. It was like someone picking you up, pulling you through a spinning dance and then just dropping you back in your seat without warning. It was really good.

My computer is fully operational again! Yaaay! It's better and faster than it used to be (possibly harder and stronger too! *snicker* That's my second song pun of the day)!

I seem to lack motivation to write, as usual. I need to work. I need to do something other than play games all day. It's almost driving me crazy, not doing anything.

Oh, I also visited University of Aberdeen on Monday. It was kinda 'meh' to me, but the computer science program sounds interesting. The plus side to moving there is that I might be able to find people my own age. Like, people who like anime and video games. *whimpers* I need to talk games with people!

Oh yeah! (Kinda) big news:

The fourth Harry Potter movie is being filmed on the Isle of Skye, which is WHERE I AM LIVING! I'm going to be damn alert when I go out now. The funny thing is, if I saw them filming, I'd be utterly afraid to go talk to anyone or ask for autographs or anything. *shrug* Go figure.

I'm gonna be nineteen in only 27 days! Holy cow, sheep and sea life! I'm gonna ask my family over here for a harp. Haaaarp. *purr* I don't know why I have an obsession with them, but I do, and I've wanted one for years. Literally.

Ok, need to get some sleep... I'm hoping my family will go out tomorrow so I can have some alone time. I love 'em, but I need some time to myself once and a while or I go crazy. ^.^;

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