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Again, I fail to post for ages...

Not all that much has happened, I guess... let's see what I can remember.

I saw Troy last week, I was very impressed. I couldn't decide if I liked until about partway through. It was total non-escapism, and I hated almost all the characters. (Orlando Bloom/Paris the PANSY WITH NO HONOR!!!) I'd like to watch it again to oogle everyone and try to catch all their names. >.<

Started a major project: Translating + making a walkthrough/FAQ for the Japanese SNES game "Nage Libre". It's not nearly as hard as I thought it'd be. I'm getting damn good at looking up kanji. I just hope people will know that I've made a FAQ... and that *somebody* will want to play the game. It's fun, in a sugar-shoujo-y way. This group of schoolgirls (all friends) get transported to another world, called "Nage." As a bonus though, instead of hot guys falling all over them, there's crazy women trying to kill them. The battle system uses cards, and clothing changes... it's a turn-based strategy, basically.

The really crazy thing about the game is that there are no males. At all. Okay, I haven't finished the entire game, but I've played through a lot of it... no guys. Lots of girls, lots of scary girls, in some cases. (The boss for stage 2 was a dominatrix bunny girl, and the 3rd was a nurse with a huge needle. O.....o!!)

You can do lots of neat things, like buy cards to use when you're in a pinch, or choose different "Clubs" (aka classes) for your characters. They're mostly sports, but there are some odd ones. (Lacross!?) There's an "Occult studies" class, and a Manga Club class!! There's also what I think is a Visual Kei musician. *snicker*

Anyway, that keeps me busy, and has all kinds of strange side effects, including: translating everything I hear in English to Japanese, thinking Japanese when I first wake up, and not being able to speak coherent English at times. It's kinda fun!

I'm sore today though... mom sent me to the post office for groceries (this makes sense here) but she didn't realize that it was a three mile walk, all told. In the cold and the wind, with not very exciting scenery, bugs, and no CD player. Bleh. (As a side note: Why do I always associate sore with ecchi things.....? *mental smack*)

So, I've got lots to keep me occupied, which makes me happy. I need to get back to work on my writing though... especialy Court Tales (for the twins), my twisted Snow White (for myself: who else would want to make Snow White a male vampire?), and a bunch of other stuff. Grrar. Too much to do, suddenly. ^.^

Ooh! My birthday's only eight days away! ~.~ can't celebrate with my friends like I'd like to, but oh well. I know at least two people are sending me things. ^...^

Lots of stuff in July... Shel-chan's b-day, Chibi's b-day, my b-day, Greg's b-day, Adam's b-day... and at least one more anniversarie, if I'm not mistaken. >...>

Well, I'm off to read and wait for summer to hit Scotland. Stupid freakin' me, moving *north*!

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