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Productivity at last!!!

Finally, finally, I sat down and wrote! I'm overjoyed at how much I managed to turn out in a few hours. 2,500-some words of Twisted!Snow White. I'll post that, and wander off to squee. *bounce*

Warnings: Incomplete, some gore, yaoi/yuri planned for the future. Also a warning if you hold the Disney version of Snow White near and dear to your heart: This will probably disturb you.

Once upon a time, in a small village near the mountains, there was a very young boy who lived with his family. The boy was very happy until one night, when his family forgot to blow out their lantern before they went to sleep.

Late that night, a storm moved into the town, bringing pouring rain and wild gusts of wind. The family's lantern was knocked over, and their house started to burn.

The little boy woke up and saw the fire moving across his room. Afraid, he crawled out of the window by his bed, and ran away from the fire as fast as he could. He hid in the forest nearby for a day, and that night he went back to his house.

Walking to where it had been, the boy found only a pile of ashes. He fell to his knees and gingerly touched some of the ashes.

"Mommy?" The boy looked all around him, but saw no one. "Daddy?" There was no answer to his call, and the little boy began to cry, curling up into a little ball.

After a long time, the little boy stopped crying and sat up. He felt hungry, his eyes itched, and he was cold in his thin nightgown. Just then, a man walked up to the little boy.

The man was tall and very pale, with long golden hair and big, dark eyes. He started at the boy for a moment, something flickering in the depths of those eyes, and he smiled, showing his teeth.

"Why are you out at night all alone, little one?"

"My mommy and daddy and house are gone, and I have no where to go," the little boy replied, "And I am cold and hungry."

The man's smile widened, and the boy saw that his two front teeth looked sharp. "You must be cold... your skin is so pale, like snow."

"My mommy and daddy used to call me Snow White!" The little boy looked at the ground, "But now they're gone."

"Would you like to come live with me?" the man asked.

The boy looked up again, smiling a tiny smile. "Will you be my new daddy?" He wiped his eyes with the back of his ash-covered hand.

The tall man, as the boy thought of him, laughed. "I will be your father, in time, little one. For now, I will take you home and give you food and clothing and a place to sleep." He held out one hand to the boy; a long, thin hand with short nails.

Remembering his manners, the boy said, "Thank you," and stood. The tall man picked up the boy, cradling him in his thin arms.

"You are welcome. For now, it is best that you go to sleep, my pretty little Snow White." The boy looked up into the man's dark eyes, and yawned. Snuggling closer to the man's chest, he drifted off to sleep without any worries in his head.

- - -

Fifteen years passed. Under the care of the mysterious man, who Snow White came to call "Father," he grew from a pretty young boy into a beautiful young man. His rescuer gave him the best instruction that it was in his power to give. The boy's knowledge grew vast, in everything from politics to poetry, sums to social graces.

Snow White learned never to question his father on any of his odd behaviors, and to do as he was told at all times. He assumed that this was how his life would always be, but, of course, things had to change....

- - -

A young man stirred in his bed; graceful arms and legs stretching out as he slowly opened his green eyes. His hair, black as ebony, fanned out on the pillow beneath him. Dark red lips parted in a small yawn, as he sat up, silken sheets sliding down to reveal a pale, slender torso. His father always called him "Snow White," because of his white skin, and he had never known another name.

Leaving his bed and wrapping a robe around himself to ward off the chill, Snow White moved to perch on the window seat beside a huge window. Outside, the sky was a cascade of oranges and reds, colors that nothing but fire could match in brilliance. He could never understand why his father refused to watch the sunset. It was so beautiful! And never the same twice, no matter how many days passed by.

Snow White shook his head gently. There was no reason to dwell on his father's oddities. Today was his nineteenth birthday, and his father had hinted that he would receive a wonderful surprise today. He was incredibly curious, and almost thrumming with excitement, but allowed himself only a smile small. "Never let your face show your intentions or emotions. People will use it against you," was what his father had always told him. Never mind that he had yet to meet anyone who seemed threatening. His father's guests usually only stayed one day before leaving, and he rarely had time to converse with them...

But all that was unimportant. Snow White strode out of his room and to the shower, cleaning and grooming himself to his father's rigid standards. If he did not meet these standards, he would disappoint his father, who then might not give him a birthday present. He washed and dressed in his usual white shirt, black trousers and boots, and his black robe for special occasions. It seemed drab in comparison to the pictures he had seen of courtiers, but he was no noble, and had no reason to call such attention to himself.

Snow White served himself a very light breakfast, forcing himself to eat a little despite his anticipation. What would his father give him? He had just finished his meal when the familiar sound of his father's footsteps echoed through the dining room.

Instantly Snow White stood and bowed. "Good evening, father. I trust you slept well?"

"I have not slept better in centuries," he chuckled to himself, a habit Snow White had long ago learned to overlook. Walking over to Snow White, his father looked him over. "What is this? Dressed up for any reason, or did you just feel the urge to look prettier than usual today?"

"It is my birthday, father. Is that not reason enough?" Snow White kept his voice soft, tone level. Show no sign of how anxious he was to know what his father's surprise was....

Another short laugh, and his father turned abruptly, facing away from Snow White. "Why, yes, it is your birthday, is it not? How old are you today, my child?"

"Nineteen, father."

"What? So old already? You have become a man while I slept! Well, since you are a man now, you deserve a much better present than what I usually give you. Come with me." He strode out of the dining hall, leaving Snow White to walk as fast as he could and still be dignified to keep up.

Through the main hall, up the stairs, into the tower, and all the way to the top went Snow White's father, with him only a pace behind. Throwing the door at the top, his father took a deep breath of the night air and smiled.

The smile quickly vanished from his face, replaced with the absolute seriousness Snow White associated with lessons. "Now, Snow White, I will give you your present. You must promise me that no matter what I do, or ask you to do, no matter how strange it must seem, you will do it without hesitation."

"Have I not always done so?" Snow White felt uneasy. His father did not usually ask such odd things of him.

His father looked deeply into Snow White's eyes. "Promise this to me!"

"I give you my word, father, that I will do anything you ask of me."

Snow White's father relaxed at the statement, and nodded once. "Close your eyes. What I am going to do may hurt for a moment, but then it will feel better than anything you have felt in your life."

Even more uneasy, Snow White let his eyes closed. He heard his father's clothing rustle as he moved closer, and then a rush of warmth on his neck, and--

Pain! It hurt worse than when he had fallen from a tree and broken his arm, worse than when he slipped and cut himself to the bone with a hunting knife, worse than anything he had felt, and then...

He was flying, dancing, in love, riding a wave of pleasure so intense it burned away the memory of pain. Snow White felt himself grow light-headed; his knees grew weak and he sank to his knees on the cold stone. The pleasure faded, replaced by a lethargy so deep Snow White could barely hear his father's voice.

"Drink this, my son, now!"

There was something warm and wet pushed against his mouth, and he drank deeply, tasting salt and life; it was exactly what he needed, and he wanted more. But it was pulled away from him, and suddenly sensations started washing over him too rapidly to comprehend. It was everything he had felt in his life, from waking up this evening to a pain and sudden blinding light...

And then it was over, and a boy called Snow White opened near-black eyes to a starless sky, and realized he could hear his father's heartbeat.

"What has happened to me? Father, what have you done?" Snow White looked around, seeing and hearing millions of things he had never noticed before.

"I have changed you, my son. You are now... a being like myself. A vampire."

- - -

Again, time passed for Snow White and his father. Snow White learned many new things, of how to live in the darkness and control the powers it granted you. He learned to call his father "Larc," his name, and call him "sire," for that is what he now was. In this way many years went by, until one long, dark winter night....

- - -

Larc stormed up the tower stairs, jamming a key into a door half way up, and throwing it open. In the windowless stone room a young girl dressed in a hooded white robe sat on the floor. Her hair fell in dark, tangled knots to the floor, and her cloak's hood hid her face.

"He has surpassed you," the girl stated, "You were given a warning, but you refused to listen."

Taking a deep breath and closing the door behind him, Larc nodded. "He has, and I wish to know what should be done. Scry for me."

"As you wish." The girl picked up a round mirror with a dark red frame that sat next to her, and cradled it in her lap, looking down into it. "Mirror, mirror, forged in blood, tell me now what should be done."

The red from the mirrors frame seeped into the glass and swirled round and round. The girl did not even flinch as the crimson rose from the mirror and was drawn beneath her hood.

She looked up, and directly at Larc. "The boy must die. Give him over to one who hunts your kind, and have them bring back his ashes as proof of his demise. This done, there will be none that can rival your power." The girl's head slumped down, and the blood drained from her eyes and pooled on the floor.

Larc nodded. "Yes, I can arrange that easily enough. Thank you, my mirror-mage."

"It needs more blood now, and so do I. You haven't fed me in a week." The girl did not look up when she spoke.

"Forgive me for my negligence. I will feed you and the mirror as soon as I have disposed of Snow White." Larc left the room, locking the door behind him.

Hearing the click of the lock, the girl gave a short bark of a laugh. She never understood why he locked the door. Looking up, she turned her head in the direction of his fading footsteps, a few final trickles of blood falling from her empty eye-sockets.

- - -

Snow White knew something was wrong. His sire's latest "guest" had stayed for several days, with no sign of being fed on. She was distinctly cold to him as well, never greeting him when they chanced to meet, always looking away when they dined together. The only reason he trusted her was because his sire had brought her.

She was human, he knew that much. Her heart beat faster, and her blood was warmer than his own or his sire's. Yet... his sire had not taken her, and had (thankfully) not offered her to Snow White himself. Never once had he taken blood from the fools his sire brought in. Snow White remembered all too clearly that he had once been them, and could not bring himself to feed off of humans.

This strange visitor, however cold, was also beautiful. She had dark red-brown hair that barely reached her chin, dark brown eyes, full lips... an excellent figure, if the library's books were any basis for comparison. She dressed in leather pants, tall boots, and a plain white shirt with a leather vest over it. She had dozens of things in the pockets of her vest and on the belt around her waist, as well as an impressive amount of weaponry in her room.

Shaking his head, Snow White headed down the hallway to their guest's room, and knocked gently on the door. "My si--father requests that you join him in his study, if you would."

The door was jerked open beneath his hand, and the woman stood there, glaring up at him. "I will go. Get out of my way." She strode down the hall when Snow White stepped out of the way.

"What an odd woman," he murmured to himself. He returned to the library and picked up one of his old favorites, a story about a magician who did all kinds of unbelievable enchantments. Before he had barely finished the first chapter, he heard his sire call him. Setting the book down, he walked to the study and entered, bowing to his sire as always. The woman stood across from his sire's chair, with her travelling bag on her back.

"I have an errand for you, my son. I want you to go with this woman, and help her to hunt. She wishes to have rabbit for supper, and says she has no skill with catching them." Larc smiled, and Snow White felt some of his unease vanish. It seemed that whatever had troubled his sire was no longer a problem.

Snow White bowed to the woman, smiling. "We can leave whenever it suits you, my lady."

"Now is fine." She left the room without a backward glance.

"This should not take too long, sire. I will return in a few hours, at most." Snow White bowed and followed the woman out of the castle. She walked deep into the forest for more than an hour, and then stopped suddenly in an open glade.

She turned to face Snow White, and her expression was more open than it had been ever before. "I will speak to you bluntly, because I have doubts about the situation I have found myself in. Your 'father' as you call him, has purchased my services in order to kill you, on the grounds that you have fed off of unwilling humans."

Snow White's eyes widened. "I have never done so! Why would my sire order you to kill me?"

"I have no idea, but it does not matter. Have you truly never taken blood from a human against their will? Look me in the eye and tell me so--and do not attempt to mesmerize me. I will know."

"I swear to you that I have never taken a human's blood," Snow White stared into the huntress' eyes, holding back his power and hoping his sincerity was enough.

She gazed at him for several long moments, seeking out the truth of his words in his eyes. Finally she nodded. "It seems as though you speak the truth. Also, I think you would have attacked me when I stated my intentions, if you were used to killing humans."

"Thank you," Snow White bowed deeply to her. "However, I must ask... surely my sire has asked for proof that you have killed me? What will you do?"

The huntress began to slowly pace the length of the clearing. "He demanded that I bring him your ashes as proof. I can easily catch an animal and take its ashes in your stead. Yes, that is what I will do." She ceased pacing and turned to face Snow White. "As for you, I suggest you run as far away from here as you can. You have a few hours until daylight, enough time to find somewhere to spend the day."

Snow White felt a small shiver run down his back. He knew too well what happened to vampires caught out in the sunlight. All the stories he had read had been clear on that point: they were burnt to death by the light of the sun until nothing but ashes remained. "I thank you for the warning, and I will take my leave, if I may?"

"The vampire ask me permission to leave," the huntress laughed, "Go on, run as fast and as far as you can. I hope that we will never meet again. I would hate to kill you."

Snow White bowed, and then turn and ran as hard as he could. He raced through the forest, seeing the trees and plants as blurs of brown and green. After two hours, he was nervous; after four and a half he was almost in a state of panic. He was going to die, he was going to be a little pile of ash on the forest floor unless he found somewhere to stay within moments.

A flicker of light caught his attention, followed by the smell of fire wafting through the trees. Snow White rushed toward those senses, and found himself at the door to a small cottage just instants before the sun broke over the horizon.

He burst inside, and glanced around quickly. There! In the corner was a small door that appeared to be a closet. It was far from dignified, but it would save his life. Snow White entered the closet, and slammed the door closed behind him. Glancing around in the darkness, he spotted a shelf high on the back wall. It was there that he chose to curl up and fall fast asleep.

Feedback will be savored like a really good dessert.

I'm hoping to work on a Nage Libre wall, plus maybe an icon... I need to pimp my project and all. ^.^

Side note: Congrats to the love birds on their 3 months. Omedetou! [Side note to the side note: the LJ spell-checker suggested I replace "Omedetou" with "Omelet." Omelet gozaimasu!!]

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