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Progressing, slowly.

Small success for today: finished translating Stage 6 of Nage Libre, and found a secret on it!

Then, company came over (four of mom's friends), and we went out to dinner. Big mistake. We waited two hours for to get our starters, and another half-hour for dinner in a not very busy restaurant. By the time we left, we had been there three hours. My dinner (so-called "Gammon steak) was basically thick, less salty bacon. With a slice of pineapple on top, and some french fries. So, cost of not very good dinner: about 10 pounds and three dull hours. @.......@

Tomorrow is my birthday~~~! I'm thrilled. I think I may have connvinced my mom, step-dad, and the plethora of people to leave tomorrow so I can get my phone call from all my friends in peace. It seems mean of me, I suppose, to want to celebrate alone... but it's as close as I can get to what I really want to do, which is spend the day with all my friends. *sniff*

My birthday agenda:

- Probably get phone call from dad. Try to be nice. Also try and get in heavily-veiled mean comments as a b-day present to me. ^.^
- Get call from friends!! Rejoice, and attempt to party over phone.
- Potentially get presents from someone. Not to worried about this one. I'll probably buy stuff online as a present to me. (Probably from my parents here)
- Translate more Nage Libre. Must. work. on. project!
- Make myself a bunch of animated icons with hot guys. I "needed" new icons for LJ anyway. Yeeees....
- Some other fun stuff. (anything that comes my way)

Yep... busy agenda there. Oh, forgot, "Get family and plethora to leave for the day!"

So, anyone know how to translate, "Sekai he shingun suru, tetsudai shiro!"? (世界へ進軍する、手つだいしろ! if you can read Japanese fonts) I know what the words mean, but I just can't get a coherent sentence out of them.

Well, I'm going for now. See you later, さようなら バイバイ!

P.S. AIM's chat feature is very, very nice. 大好きです!

-----Everything below here is for Maria-----
  お元気ですか? 私は元気です。「Nage Libre」は楽しいですよ!でも…変ですね。アイコンを見ましたか? 何が一番好きですか? さあ…ミルウォーキーに、みんなは元気ですか? アダムは? ムウゥ~~。 ここでみんなは元気です。じゃ、あしたは私の誕生日ですね。私は十九才になる! あら~!私はおばあさんですね!いやぁ~!!

それでは、このメッセージを全部判りましたか? やさしいですわね~!


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