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Birthday news-age:

Well, I got the thing I wanted more tha *almost* anything. There was one thing that would've been better, but that wasn't gonna happen. ^.^;;

So, I got... A HARP! It's beautiful, with carved Celtic knots on it, and three octaves. It's also brand-new, a bitch to tune, and will not stay in tune for more than an hour or so. I'm gonna hold off on naming it until it gets less frustrating. That, plus a necklace and tiny box from our neighbors was all I got. I have two presents (maybe three) on the way here, but at least one of them got sent by ground mail, which means it'll be here just before I start school. ^.^;;; Oh well.

I may have to go online and order a few things for myself... I want some new games. ^.^;;

I got to talk to my friends for two and a half hours (!!!). That was really spiffy, although I had a few moments of "*angst* I really wish I was there. Sounds like everyone's having fun." But, besides that, all spiffy. I got to speak and hear Japanese (for about two minutes, but oh well...) and that was heaven itself. My first goal on hitting univeristy is finding someone who knows at least a little Japanese. I'm gonna go crazy from thinking in Japanese and not being able to speak it to anyone.

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