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Long Anticipated.... by at least two people. ^.^;;

Yeah, I finally got my brain into gear, sat down and wrote out... part fourteen of "Court Tales."

For anyone who wants to read this and hasn't, or has totally lost what was going on: go to my web site ( go to the "Original" section, and read the last thirteen parts (plus interlude).

Warning: Japanese suffix usage, and gay. Gay gay gay gay gay! Get it? Got it? GAY.

Terumasa awoke from a dream of someone -- perhaps his mother -- gently stroking his hair and murmuring an old lullaby to him. With his eyes closed, he could still feel her warmth, and gentle touch of her hand on his cheek. Gently pushing his nostalgia away, he opened his eyes, and found that he had not been imagining the heat and caress on his cheek.

Laying beside him was Shigeki, black hair fanned out around his head, resting on Terumasa's bare chest. One hand was stretched up to cup his cheek, the other held his shoulder. With a small smile on his face, Shigeki looked serene, and beautiful beyond anyone Terumasa had known.

A sudden urge to hold Shigeki close made Terumasa's arms wrap tighter around him before the urge became a conscious thought. One hand moved to stroke Shigeki's hair, and Terumasa found it was as silken as it looked.

Shigeki stirred, and Terumasa let his hand drop and evened out his breathing. What am I thinking, touching him in his sleep? Terumasa forced himself to relax completely and give no sign of consciousness.

His ability to stay relaxed was strained as Shigeki shifted, dragging his nails gently down Terumasa's neck and chest. As his hand moved down, Shigeki nuzzled his head up to tuck under Terumasa's chin. It was when the hand moved up to cross his chest again that Terumasa realized Shigeki was wide awake. Does he think I'm asleep? Terumasa twitched as long nails brushed across his nipple.

"Afraid to open your eyes, Terumasa-san?" Shigeki's voice was a little husky, and Terumasa shivered at the brush of lips against his throat. "I know that you are awake. You, however, did not seem to realize that I was while you were stroking my hair and pulling me to you."

Had Terumasa not been both a well-trained solider and a fairly restrained man, he would have blushed. "I apologize, Shigeki-san."

Shigeki laughed softly, little gusts of breath flowing over Terumasa's neck. "Did it seem to you that I objected, Terumasa-san? Is this the reaction of someone who does not wish to be touched? Moving closer, running his hands across your bare skin and murmuring into your ear?"

"Customs do differ from city to city," Terumasa tried to ignore Shigeki acting on his words, pressing himself closer and caressing Terumasa's chest.

"It must be terribly confusing for you then, Terumasa-san. Do tell me when I do something you are familiar with." Shigeki chuckled, rolling onto his side and twining one of his legs with Terumasa's. His hand resumed tracing patterns on Terumasa, gradually moving down.

"No, actually you have yet to do anything that is particularly unclear--" Terumasa's sentence ended in a gasp as Shigeki licked up the side of his neck and around the shell of his ear. "Shigeki...."

Shigeki gave a gentle nip to Terumasa's ear, then rolled over on top of him, straddling the general's hips. Placing one hand beside Terumasa's head and the other under his chin, Shigeki leaned down and kissed him.

It was not the simple kisses that had passed before, lips grazing lips for a mere moment. This was a lasting contact, Shigeki's parted lips pressing down hard, his tongue caressing the line of Terumasa's mouth. A tiny bite on the corner of his mouth made Terumasa gasp, and Shigeki slid his tongue in to trace patterns against Terumasa's own.

Shigeki pulled back at the soft sound of his door sliding open. Turning his head, Terumasa saw Maika standing in the doorway, a bamboo flute falling from her hand as she took in the scene before her.

"Sh-shigeki-sama...." Maika's dark eyes glistened and her lower lip trembled for a moment before she caught herself. She stepped inside, kneeling to retrieve her flute and then close the door behind her. She looked up, and Terumasa saw a new expression on her beautiful face; a cold, calculating look.

"Maika. You seem to have forgotten that it is polite to knock before one enters a room." Shigeki moved off of Terumasa, kneeling beside him. Terumasa quickly moved to kneel next to Shigeki, and slightly behind him.

"I suppose I have," Maika smiled, and it made Terumasa shudder inside. He had seen the same kind of smile on enemies' faces just before they moved in for a final blow. "Although today, my lack of manners seems to have been to my benefit."

Shigeki let his head drop, just enough to show surrender. "I will cut our conversation short and ask you directly: what is the price for your silence?"


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