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Today, people suck.

I'll try and keep this brief, but I'm incredibly pissed off at our neighbor's neighbors. (From here on known as "the baddies") Our neighbors ("the good guys") have been incredibly nice to us. It's a family of six; husband, wife, three girls and their baby son (he's one). So, today, the dad's out walking with his baby son on his shoulders. He's walking down the single-lane road that leads to and from their house. This road is totally clear, no obstructions to vision. So, the baddies drive down the road and knock over this man and his child with THEIR CAR. The police came in and they claimed that he "jumped out in front of them." On the perfectly clear road.

The baddies have been trying to drive out the good guys for a while.. they've done things like putting glass in their garden, where their children play. For no reason. They're just cruel for the hell of it.

I just... don't understand people like that.

I'm also reading "Dude, Where's my Country" by Michael Moore, so my opinion of America has gone down the drain. I'm so glad I'm going to university in Scotland. The current state of America scares me.

So, I'm all bent out of shape, and mildly angsty over my friends being far away, etc, etc. Just.... argh.

I think I'm gonna go play my harp for a while, and pet the cat. Nice, soothing things.


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Jul. 28th, 2004 05:40 pm (UTC)
Yeah, The Baddies suck. I hope they spontaneously combust...preferable somewhere other than the shower because they don't deserve a kick ass death. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling poopey. I hope things turn around soon. ^_^
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