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Yesterday, plus links for all!

The weirdest thing happened today. Outside our house, behind our "back yard" is this hill/cliff that sticks out into the ocean. It's very pretty, I've got lots of pictures of it.

Yesterday, I got a picture of a helicoptor hovering *next* to it. Apparently some climbers (who the locals dubbed "idiots") walked down the cliff a little ways and got stuck. So, they sent in a rescue helicoptor and got all five of them back to safety. They actually landed toward the end of our next door neighbors campsite. It was pretty cool... never had a helicoptor in my "back yard" before. ^.....^

Besides that, I didn't do much all day, but then last night I just randomly started finding a some interesting links.

I must say, I managed to get

For Maria: A site about traditional Japanese hand-tattooing. There is some nudity, so it's not "paranoid parents peering over your shoulder" safe. ^.^

For everyone who hated highschool and/or being unpopular: Why Nerds Are Unpopular. I started reading this and it just 'rang true' after the first couple of paragraphs. Great essay.

For everyone: 20 Questions game with AI. This thing is pretty good. It managed to figure out that I was thinking of an ocarina. O.o!

Not too much going on here. We're going on a "Ceilidh (kay-lee) Cruise" tongiht. Basically, we go out on the boat for a couple of hours and come back. We get dinner (so-so, it's boat food) and lots of live music. There's this one singer who was at a Ceilidh in town, and I'm really hoping he's there. He was funny, and he sang really well.

Nothing productive going on here, no sir. Just me and Legend of Mana and a comfy chair. ^.....^

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