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Made it to Brussels!

Woo! I am alive and well, but in a country were not all that many people outside the airport and the hotel speak my language. ^.^;;

On the plus side, there's a Japanese restaurant two doors down from my hotel, a sushi place across the street, and about 20 other restaurants within two blocks. Wooo! Not gonna starve.

It's hard to be here where most people don't speak english though. Meep.

Tomorrow mom and I are off to try and find the Japanese tower and Chinese pavillion. I'm planning to take piles of pictures.

On a side note: should you ever stay in Edinburgh during the festival DON'T STAY ON THE COLLEGE CAMPUS. Fsking people there for the festival were up at all hours singing, quoting lines and having drunk conversations so mom and I got VERY little sleep.

That is all. I'm still gone, don't know how often I'll get to check my e-mail. I promise a full, photo-enhanced report of everything I did when I get back.

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