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A country of rude people?

I can't believe it. Mom and I went out into town today, to see some museums and such. We found our way around really easily, thank goodness, but people here are *incredibly* rude. The ratio of people who try to help us and be polite (even if they speak two words of English) the people who are complete asses is like... 1 nice per 6+ rude. O...o

What's funny is that mom decided we should eat at the Japanese restaurant by our hotel (sweet potato tenpura~! that made my day) because they are *very* very very nice to us. (It helps that I chatted and ordered in Japanese.) Anyway, they are super nice. Gave us dessert on the house tonight. And wonderful food that I know what it is! Heaven.

Tomorrow we're going to see a museum, and then I'm planning to kick back in the hotel. The day after, we get to get the *hell* out of this country! I highly don't reccomend Brussels as a travel destination unless you speak French.

It's sad, even the tourist places don't have English language versions of guides and signs and such. This country seems to really hate English speakers. ~....~ Anyway, when we get back to Edinburgh, we have a whole day there, which I'm looking forward too. Edinburgh is GOOD. People there are nice, even if you're a 'stupid American.'

So, one more day to survive, then I'm back to a country I like. Hope everyone's having fun in their respective countries, and for heaven's sake: don't go to Brussels!

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