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Update + Questionaire

Big, exciting news first: finished parts seven and eight of Nage Libre, posted it on the site. ( I've got most of part nine done too (assuming the conversation scene doesn't go on forever. >.< )

Now then, I'm asking anyone who's out there and interested to do me a small-ish favor. I have this list of 20 questions, personality, likes/dislikes type-stuff, and I'd like people to answer it. There's a catch: if you fill it out, I'm probably going to swipe some/all of your personality, mannerisms, etc. and use it for a story of mine. So, if you don't want bits of you fictionalized, don't respond. I can also explain (very roughly) about the story if you want to know details before you sign yourself up, so to speak.


1) What flaws do you have that you would like to change, and how could someone help you change them?

2) Seduce or be seduced?

3) How trusting are you of someone you've just met? What can they do to make a good first impression/make you trust them?

4) What's your favorite real animal?

5) Fav. mythical animal?

6) Fav. mythical humanoid/demi-human?

7) How skeptical would you be of someone who claimed to be a magical being? What would make you believe them?

8) Have you ever stayed in a hotel? If yes, what was it like?

9) List your favorite colors for:
A) People (Hair, eyes, skin, etc.)
B) Clothing
C) Rooms

10) Any phobias/near-phobias?

11) What's your opinion of pet names? Any you really like/hate?

12) What achievable goals do you have? Which would you most like to achieve?

13) Favorite time of day, and why?

14) What features do you notice first on people? What features do you like the most?

15) Describe your personality in ten words or less.

16) Do you have any strange speech patterns or phrases you use frequently? List 'em.

17) What do you believe in? (God, superstitions, magic, etc.)

18) What habits/actions do you find most likable in people?

19) What habits/actions do you find most annoying?

20) Describe your "happily ever after."

Except the question where I ask you to be brief, please type a lot. As much as you think I'd need, and a couple sentences more. ^.^

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