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Link spam

I have a bunch of links I've been meaning to post. Need to get rid of 'em so I can delete them from the file they're on: my Nage translations. ^.^;;

First off:
"Dominic Deegan, oracle for hire" (Webcomic)
It's got humor (more bad puns than you would have thought possible!), *wonderful* characters with tons of personality, bad guys with the same (and many of them are attractive. ^.~), and a plot that just dragged me in. I read more than 500 strips in one sitting. There's action, romance, magic, and just enough perviness to put a grin on my face.
Human-oid (Flash animation}
I stumbled on this randomly. It's a Japanese gallery with a bunch of different stuff. I'm just recommending the flash animation "Human-oid." It's short, and cool.
Campus Crusade for Cthulhu (hilarious)
It is exactly what it says. Apparently it's managed to become a legit club on a bunch of college campuses. ^.^ Creativity points, if nothing else.
GEN-SO-RON (sims skins)
SHELDON! Look at this. It'll make you really wish you had the sims. It's Naruto. ^....^

I accomplished nothing (other than a *lot* of reading) today. And yet... I'm incredibly cheerful.

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