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Is my brain still there? I'm not so sure....

Woo, today sucked. Here's a basic rundown...

Wake up at 7:30am after too little sleep: bad
Get breakfast; food: good, coffee: gah, overall: neutral

Walk out to a bookshop having a closing-down sale with David, only to find that it opens at 11am rather than 9am like he said: bad

First lecture, one hour of mind-numbing boredom. I played my gameboy (FFTA) through the whole thing, and was still bored: VERY bad

Came "home" and did basically nothing for about an hour, which was ok.

Went to English lecture, got bored partway through. I took about 3/4 a page of notes and then wrote "...I give up," and started doodling: baaad.

I then went back to my room, ranted at Maz for a while, and generally felt bad. Went out to get some books, which was ok but not nearly uplifting enough to make up for the rest.

To summarize: DON'T STUDY COMPUTING SCIENCE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN! Man, three weeks in and I'm already bad-mouthing my uni. Yep, life's that good.

Anybody got some ruby slippers? There's no place like home....

On a side note, I'm looking forward to NaNoWriMo as it will give me something to do that I actually *want* to do.

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