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My dad is being really, really mean to my mom. She wanted him to do a favor for her, and he went on about her taking advantage of his good-naturedness. He sounded egotistical and mean. Oh well, I don't know. Everyone has their own issues, nee?

 Now you own a Hon Long

Your Pet is Shukou, a female Dragon

People mistake you for indecisive, but the truth is you're just multifaceted. Here's a pet to go with your unpredictable demeanor. This powerful Hon Long princess comes with three different heads and ever-changing personality sets: Shukou, the serene, Kanan, the violent & Junrei the innocent. You'll never get bored. Just make sure the three heads don't fight or the world could collapse.

Find the PetShop of Horrors Pet for you.


a mysterious fighter who mimes allies' movements

different; versatile; untouchable
[Final Fantasy Tactics Job Class]

You're Insanly Quiet

What type of Insanity are YOU?

Test by Snow Katt#101

^.^ True, true...

What's your Battle-Cry?

this quiz was made by Aroihkin of PlanetKulitron

^.^;;; ......

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