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I think I'm going to expire from boredom

Stuck in a "practical" session for my BASIC computing class. We're learning Word at the moment. I should say, everyone who doesn't already know how to use it is learning it. >...> If there is anyone...


This power metal/j-pop song is about paths and protractors.

This j-pop song is about a femur.

This hard rock song is about drawing and programming. (Hey, Maria-chan! We've got a song!)

This classical/techno song is about surgery. (I like it... except I'm getting disturbing lyric ideas)

This j-pop song is about twist-ties. (YES! Something like... "Aishiteru yo~ MISUTA- TUISUTI TAAAAAI!")

This R & B song is about Legolas (Lord of the Rings). (Filk generator)

This Hip-Hop song is about Mulan. (Ditto)

[Note: This is a dangerous thing to do as I keep almost bursting out laughing.]

And now, a mad-lib-ish thing with random generators. Woo, boredom.

- After a long day of fighting Flame Oozers (1), Ujikoki (2) the Ruby Assasin (3) walked into the Jealous Angel's Saloon (4). He strode up to the bar and asked the barkeep, Poriaruya (2), for a Scarlet Rain (5). The drink had barely hit the counter before a peasant burst in the door shouting, "Help, help! Coragi (6) is attacking the town!"

"Coragi!?" Poriaruya gasped. "He's usually an incredibly antisocial(7) monster! What's he doing here?"

"I don't know," muttered Ujikoki, "But I must stop him! I'm not a member of the Infinite Force Magma Rangers (8) for nothing!"

1 - Dark Minion Gen.
2 - Fantasy Name gen.
3 - Superhero/Villain name gen. mark 3
4 - Tavern Name gen.
5 - Mixed Drink name gen.
6 - Kaiju name gen.
7 - Mood gen.
8 - Sentai team name gen.

Hey, I managed to waste a lot of time that way. Now then, off to another boring computing class. Wheeeeee.

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