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Woo. Rapid change. Head... spinning...

Ok, things have seriously changed since my last couple of posts. To sum it up:

1) I am moving out of halls Saturday (aka TOMORROW!). No, I'm not totally packed yet. >...>

2) I'm hanging out (and becoming cheap labor) at mom's house during November, and doing NaNoWriMo. (Booya!)

3) Early December, I'm coming home.

I'm really looking forward to number three. *hugs everybody* Meet me at the airport, or at least plan me a huuuuge, kick-ass party? Ne? I can't wait to be back.

I'm really going home! I'm really going home! *bounce bounce bounce*

Also, mom and I have chilled and are no longer attempting to kill each other. ^.^


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Oct. 29th, 2004 09:32 am (UTC)
Yay you decided on coming back. I do believe this is the decision that will sit best with you. We'll have to make sure to have that party for you when you get back, and lets not forget about forcing you to watch the whole season of Family Guy in one sitting. You hear me over there Maria, I need your cooperation for that little stunt. (P.S. don't read that part Rachel *cough*) Anyways yes come back and enjoy getting tackled with a soul crushing glomp from peoples, although that soul crushing goodness wouldn't be quite a good thing with the dying and all. Ok I've decided to skip that part now *crosses it off of the non-existant list*. So yes we'll make sure to do something that most likely involves you when you get back.
Oct. 29th, 2004 08:52 pm (UTC)
I don't know you THAT well, but any chance to ride the red line out to the airport, I'll do it! haha
Oct. 30th, 2004 03:22 am (UTC)
^.^ At the rate people are agreeing to show up to meet me, it's gonna be a party at the airport... for all of maybe a minute until the security guards kick us all out.
Oct. 30th, 2004 04:09 am (UTC)
Re: Yay!
Ummm we'll probably get kicked out before you get there heheh. I mean that amount of people all standing together waiting for something. I'll probably be wearing the trench, shades, and what not cause, I like freaking out security. Although anybody who want a ride from me is gonna have to ask and since I don't know who all wants to go that can't get a ride of their own I need people to tell me.
Oct. 30th, 2004 04:08 am (UTC)
ummm you might, I'm not sure if I even know who you are. Gonna have to give me a memory jump-start on that part.
Oct. 30th, 2004 01:00 pm (UTC)
just a random school acquaintance of rachel who likes to ride the red line.
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