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Oh, sweet loneliness!

Woo! Mom and Brian-dad are gone for the rest of today and a lot of tomorrow, so I can finally get some work done on my novel. It's insanely hard to work with people around.

Funny thing happened today: mom and I were talking about LJ, and she asked if my picture was of me, with lots of makeup. Confused, I asked her which one she meant. Turns out she was talking about the picture of Klaha that's the background to my journal. She mistook a Japanese man for me. I'm not sure if I shouldn't be flattered, actually. ^.^; Anyway, she got mad at me for laughing at this and saying I was gonna post it. She said I was posting it to tell everyone how stupid she was. So, what does everyone think: funny situation I wanted to share, or me mocking my mom's intelligence?

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,240 / 50,000

Need to write~~!

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