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Lack of sleep and angry calculators

My stuff's all packed up, and it gets taken away tomorrow. Woo hoo! In one week I get to go home! To my friends over there: Party on the Saturday after I get back? Nee? Nee~?

I'm getting lazy with NaNoWriMo... gotta sit down and finish it!

Go here:

And go to "Downloads" and "Calculators."

It's talking anime character calculators! There are TWO with Koyasu Takehito! ^....^ It's so funny, he yells when I click numbers. *giggle* The Duo one is really cute. It says "Yo!" when you start it up and "Ja na!" when you close it.

I'm so easily amused when I'm tired.


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Nov. 24th, 2004 09:23 pm (UTC)
Great to hear you are packed up and ready to return. I am not doing much writing today, but will hit 30,000 or 31,000 words tonight. I had to clean house and get ready for Thanksgiving company.

I'm thinking that I probably will take time to spend with my daughter over the weekend while she is here, and maybe I won't be able to do my four hours of wriring. Yikes! If so I will remember that I started on Nov. 9 and give myself a full 30 days to finish like everyone else had. I'll just have to be a winner in my own mind.
They are planning a Portland party so shall I tell them you will come? It will be on either Dec. 4,5, or 11. I plan to go. Maybe we could go together.
Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so life will be busy. I will continue to look for your posts.
Nov. 25th, 2004 08:45 am (UTC)
I'm lucky, kind of. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here, so I have no distractions from my writing. Best of luck with your novel!

If the Portland party is on the 11th, I would love to go. The 5th, maybe. If it's on the 4th, I can't, I'm having my own party. I'd love to go with you, especially if you could give me a ride. ^.^;; I'm without transport.
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