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Die, modem, die and new icons

I have been kicked off of AIM and reconnected about 500 times tonight. And that's only *slightly* exaggerating. *kicks 'net connection from hell* Once I have a job, I'm buying myself broadband, or anything that's faster and more reliable than a dial-up connection in the middle of nowhere.

I made myself two new icons; the one with this entry and a remake of one Maria-chan made me. "Don't touch me, I'm evil." Mwahahaha. ^.~

Saw Hero last night with my parents. Brian-dad and I thought it was incredible (with the exception of the slightly over-the-top wire work) and mom thought it was "corny." She suspected it was due to her complete lack of appreciation for Asian culture.

It was a really beautiful movie though, and I'm thinking the colors had a lot of significance. Red for honor (?), white for death, green for peace/luck (which is it?). What the heck is blue, though? That was the king's retelling of events.

The multi-layered story really reminded me of the Arabian Nights. Ditto with the slightly fairy tale-like feeling and look. All in all, it was great, and I want to see it again.

The only thing that bugged me was Nameless' voice. It sounded really odd in some parts, but I can't put my finger on why. The dialect of Chinese everyone spoke sounded really harsh to me. Hey, Maria-chan! Do you know what dialect it was, or if it was ancient, or what? It doesn't sound like what you speak at all. Well... maybe like your mom, but that's just 'cause she's always yelling. (Kowai!)

I'm packing up my comp tonight or tomorrow, and heading out tomorrow. Don't know when I'll be online again, so bye for now!

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