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Ye gods, how long has it been since I updated this? I'm not going to check. Oh, hell, yes I am. December 25th.

Ok, my grandparents' crap laptop with a dial-up modem and AOL 6.0 isn't even a valid enough excuse for that long of a lack of update.

Let's see... starting work next week, have mastered bus system, have made at least one new friend... *grin* Of sorts. >.> Have been doing basically nothing productive with my time, yay. Playing Suikoden, borrowed from my dear buddy Maaaaatt. (Matt, if you're reading this, please ignore the previous sentence.


So, I need to resume writing, and taking pictures of things (esp. with the nice weather that's been here off and on), and other normal "actually doing something with my time" activities.

For now, I need to drop a comment on my new friend (Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hit you on the head *that* hard. ^.^ ) and go get dressed like all the "normal" people are at this time of day. Hahahaha! Like I know any normal people.

Ja, loves~!

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