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It's been one week....

I have already managed to hate my job. Long commute, co-worker 1 hitting on me, co-workers 2&3 not saying more than a few sentences to me during a 6 hour shift plus me just disliking the work I do.... It's bad. I feel like an idiot for accepting this job.

Also, I want a shirt that says, "The person behind the counter probably hates you." I could wear it under my uniform. Mwaha.

As to the rest of my life, eh, I can't complain. *grin* More than can't complain. Just need to resume writing and I'll be good.

Did anyone else notice that "Ghost in the Shell" gets abbreviated to "GitS?" Heh heh. Gits.

Hungry, tired, in pain and -- joy of all joys -- I get to do it again tomorrow. Ah well. I will survive. *cues music*

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