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A sudden, strange urge to be energetic

Somehow, after eight hours of work, I want (I so didn't type that as "wank." I swear. Really.) to go out and do things. Like see a movie... Or just go out and wander around. Crazy. I also had the urge to stand up and start singing and dancing on the bus today. "I will survive" just cries out for dramatic gestures.

Yeah, anyway, moving on.

Wrote something *very* odd and out of character for me the other day. First person POV short thing, but it sounds like an *old* detective movie. Gruff masculine narrator, lots of swearing and derogatory references to women. O....o I dunno why. Reading over it again, it sounds rather like Sin City. Oops. I may post it later, once my download onto my shiny USB stick is done.

In other news... Uh... I should video tape Jax's life and sell it as a soap opera. It's close enough. Mwahaha. Not quite up to par with the, "I can't marry you, I'm actually your brother's uncle's cousin twice removed" genre, but it's got more drama than you can shake a stick at. So, Jax, what do you say? I'll share the profits with you!

Coming up next week: Photo shoot of mi amiga and her songbird on Tuesday, going to see Hitchhiker's Guide with a friend Wednesday. With any luck, I'll manage to make my week a little more lively. Anybody have any suggestions? ^.~ *wink wink nudge nudge*

Right then. Going to play Tontie or something whilst my download downloads. What am I downloading? I'll never tell. *la la la*

Oyasumi ne~.

One last note. I had the most random thing stuck in my head today... It's this song I learned at a Ren faire and it amuses me. Here's a lyric sample:

My husband's a carpenter, carpenter, carpenter
My husband's a carpenter, he--
"What's he do?" [spoken]
All day he bangs nails, he bangs nails, he bangs nails
And at night he comes homes and--

Me, oh my, how happy am I
Oh how I love my husband dear~

The rest of the verses I can remember are:

Postman - licks stamps
Mason - lays bricks
Gourmet - eats food

And if you can't figure out why it's a bawdy song, here's a hint. Each job has a verb and a noun. Replace the noun with "me" and place it after the "At night he comes home and--" ^.^ Have fun, everyone

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