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Oh, life is so beautiful

I seriously need to throw a party over here or something.

I have an internet connection on my own comp again. Yes, it's dial-up, but it WORKS. It's not A-O-Hell crap. It's not on my grandparent's laptop that is as old as they are in computer years.

Aaaand, I have a permanent account on LJ.

And money in my bank account, a halloween costume idea, new Aqua CD and the 10th Kingdom, a new book, good friends, one smexy friend, and two empty halves of a coconut.

I really do have two empty halves of a coconut. And yes, I do bang them together. (and it sounds like horsies!)

Man, I need to stop writing before my gleeful squee-ing infects everything. Ok. Breathe, breathe, remember how to be a reasonably mature person again.

Oh, and my birthday's in a month and a half.


Gotta start making new icons. I've got 50 slots to fill now.

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