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Bitching, sneezing, shopping

My morning was heralded in by the sound of the phone ringing. Three times. Mummy dearest thought it was Friday, and called me at the usual early morning, pre-work time. This was bad, since I went to bed well after one last night.

Spent a good chunk of today with Steve. We watched some on demand music videos, and we both got Feel Good, Inc. stuck in our heads. He lent me the self-titled Gorillaz CD, so now I've got more things to get etched into my brain. Woo!

I think I'm allergic to his guinea pigs though. Even with some decongestant, I was sniffling and sneezing as if I'd been bawling my eyes out in a field of pollen-heavy flowers.

Steve dropped me off at home and I walked in to find both my grandparents totally unconscious on the couch, with the TV blaring. I packed my stuff up and went shopping within ten minutes.

Went to fabric/craft store, and I found a pile of pretty jewelry-making stuff. My personal favorite are the clasps I got. One is shaped like a key and a lock, the other is a rose, and the third are these ornate silver hearts. I also got some pretty beads, so I'll be sporting new jewelry soon.

Watch my neck for future updates. That sounds insane, and yet it had to be said.

Got some poetry lines teasing at the corners of my brain, so maybe I'll get something done tonight.
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