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Wonky mood + zombies

I'm in a really bad/weird mood at the moment. Two people breaking plans with me in one day (one accidental, one NOT) leaves me feeling a bit off.

So, I went to my local park and sat down to write for a while.

Have you been to the downtown morgue?
The color scheme is black on black
A friendly notice on the door says:
"If you're not dead yet,
This would be a good time to turn back."

I wandered in off the empty streets
And toured down the unlit halls
I did my best not to notice
The white-wrapped bodies
Socializing against the walls

I kept on walking ever deeper,
Found bodies tangled in the sheets
Decked out in their shiny club wear
Grins decomposing
But still tapping their long-dead feet

I found myself in the deepest depths.
Before me stood the undead queen.
With all the exits shut and barred
She kissed me softly
And all the rest seems like a dream

If you're free on a Friday night,
Why not drop in for a visit?
I'd be glad to show you around
Death isn't so bad
When you can still party, is it?

I really hate zombies, but this came out so well. Hmmm....

I think I'm going to go make myself some new icons. Still got 80-something slots to fill. Mwahahaha.