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Random comments on the past few days

"Make the customers go away!" (Me, after a very busy day at work)

"It smells like perversion!" (Me, commenting on a guy's shirt I managed to accidentally take home with me)

"I hate my anatomy right now." (Ty-chu, actually talking about a rough sketch of his, not his body)

Adam cut his hair, and I ran away from him when I first saw it. (Noooo! The long hair is gone!)

This was the first year I had something I was *more* interested in than lighting/watching fireworks. ^.^ Eheheheh.

Ooh, I got a Gamecube and I'm madly in love with it's small cuteness. And Animal Crossing. That game is frighteningly addictive.

I've got this crazy idea to make mix CDs with a "theme" of songs based on people. For example, there would be a song that reminds me of the person, one that describes how I feel about them, one I would sing to them, one I'd want them to sing to me, etc. Anybody out there want a Raecchi mix-CD? (Assuming I can get my temperamental burner to work, of course.)

My running favorite line from a song: "Tonight I'm gonna give you all of my love in the backseat" (Gwen Stefani, Bubble Pop Electric)

Yeah, I said at one point I didn't like her new music... I lied. It's growing on me, like lichen or something. Like the pretty bright green moss in my yard, with little flowers on it. It's cute, and fuzzy. The analogy breaks down when you add the swearing and the Harajuku girls (she's obsessed) into the mix. Ah well.

G'night, folks.

No, wait, one last note. I need to make a mix CD of sickeningly cutesy songs and just write "May require large doses of insulin" across it.
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