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La la la~

I'm watching Bridget Jones's Diary, and every time I see it I empathize just a bit more with Bridget. I'm so like her sometimes. Oh, and Hugh Grant, purr-ow~! Hello, indeed. (It's always the bad boys that are the most attractive. ALWAYS.)

Men. Stupid.

Yes, all of you.
(Except maybe Ty-chu, right now.)

I turned in my two weeks' notice at work, have a plan for a new job close to home and going to college -- all because of one stranger who told me I looked like an intelligent young woman, and there was no reason for me to work in Albertson's hell.

That man changed my life.

Craig (if that is indeed how you spell your name), I cannot thank you enough. Talking to you for all of fifteen minutes reminded me that I am human being with a functioning brain and as much potential as I care to exercise. Thank you, more than words can express.

Unrelated note: I have little bits of poetry bouncing through my brain, but they won't form themselves into something cohesive. Damn it.
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