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Con: All pros

Do you hear the little "Ba-dum-dum *cymbal*" in the title? It's there.

So, Kumori con, my first con, was awesome beyond belief. I spent a good deal of time just wandering around, not really participating in much, but having an amazing time. I've found that most of the anime-lovers in this area are (weirdness and lack of social skills notwithstanding) really great people; fun, friendly, and full of energy.

I'm not even going to try to recap everything, so let's hit the highlights:

- Helping people open Ramune. It was funny, and they were almost excessively thankful. Also, helping people find places was good. I got a grasp on the layout pretty quickly and so I did a lot of leading people around.

- Playing "We Love Katamari" (in Japanese) for hours on end. I seriously racked up about three or four solid hours of playing it. Can't wait for it to come out over here. (Sept. 20th)

- The dance. I actually danced. For the first time ever. With a guy! (I'm so proud of myself!) This guy turned out to be incredibly cool as well. How cool? Well, we danced for about an hour, then played DDR, then (and this is the biggie) he popped my neck and back and gave me a back rub for an hour and a half. He was trained by a massage therapist. You do the math. I went home Sunday night in a little happy puddle of no back pain.

- The people! Everyone (as I already covered) was really wonderful. I literally did not run into anyone who was rude or mean. The worst I found was a few over-excited people, and a few people who really loved karaoke who were tone-deaf. (Karaoke was awesome too -- I got up and sang "Yubiwa" and got applause!) There was also lots of hugging and being hugged by strangers, which got me all warm and fuzzy inside after a while. And I talked with all kinds of people, more easily than I ever have before.

- The funny happenings. Like Jeff (security guy, also friend) who seemed to be following me around. Coincidence (it wasn't that huge of a place) but we ended up making it a joke. Seeing a Sephiroth cosplayer in a conga line, and then doing the Yatta dance (seeing everyone do the Yatta dance was great in general). Having a girl ask me to marry her two or three times. She never found a Wolfwood to marry us, but that's okay.

I think I've run out of stuff for the moment. I'm going to skip over the downsides, because they barely register in the overall greatness that was Kumori con '05.

I'm going again next year at all costs. And might go to another con too. I'm an addict now.
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