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Things've been pretty good over here for a while. Got to meet one of mom's friends, Ewen (I think that's how you spell it, anyway). He's let me kick his ass at Scrabble six or seven times now. He did beat me once, by about twenty points. Also, we've been watching some awesome movies. Love Actually and he lent me Castle in the Sky which I still need to get around to watching. Today, we're going for Sin City. I need to watch it when I'm not dead tired and food-deprived.

My little projects are coming along well. (My, that sounds evil overlord-ish) The programming for the choose your own adventure game is beautifully simple, and I've had no trouble with it at all. I finished a little gift story for Ty-chu, which I am now going to revise as there was room for improvement. Probably not posting that one here. ^.^;;;

I'll be home in a week! Bren and I are planning to have a "silliness party" which as far as I can tell means we're gonna run around town in costumes and be weird. Not that different from normal life, really. If you see Sherlock Holmes and a pirate wandering around, say hi!

I really, really need more icons. 11/100 is just pathetic. *runs off to laptop and photoshop*
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