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Books, being a boy and bruises

I wonder if the librarians at my local library think I'm nuts. I keep checking out strange books. Yesterday, it was a movie called Blow Dry, a book on theater makeup, and a book on the history of female impersonation in theater. Oh, and a book of short stories by Phillip K. Dick. Messed up guy. Almost as messed up as Roald Dahl, but not quite.

Blow Dry was very good, but not really what I was expecting. It was billed as a sort of romantic comedy with a hairdressing competition, but it was not that romantic. It was pretty serious, and heavy on the emotional bits -- one of the characters has a terminal illness, so it's not all silliness and fluffy bunnies. She's also a lesbian who ran off with her husband's best model.

I'm looking forward to Halloween, but I need to find a place that sells stage makeup before then. I need a few things so I can attempt to be a male Sherlock Holmes rather than a blatantly female one. I also need a big, old magnifying glass and a pipe. I think a violin might be overkill.

I've fallen madly in love with this song. (Dido's "Hunter") I had heard it once a long time ago, and then had it on my playlist and kept skipping it. I finally listened to it, when I wasn't paying attention, and when it came to the chorus I did a double take. Mmm, awesome song.

Oh, I also scared my grandma the other day. I had done six or so bruises on both my arms, and I showed her. She just kept saying, "Oh my god! What happened to you?" until I explained that it was makeup. It's pretty hard to make a convincing bruise, though. I'm gonna keep practicing. At least for the moment I have a few for reference. ^.^
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