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I am madly, passionately in love...

...with November. Oh, November and NaNoWriMo! My one true love!

The novel's coming along very nicely. Except for the beginning, which I am not pleased with. But that's okay. I've got the main character travelling, and she's got a kick-ass bodyguard and a cute guardian guy. My only worry is that it's gonna be way *over* 50,000 words. Tricky... very tricky....

New shiney that I found today. Mmm, tech toys. Guarenteed drooling and pawing at the screen from me.

Oh, if anyone wants to read the novel, just ask. (I'll do a little happy dance if you do~!) The basic premise is that the main character and eleven other people sleep for about one million years, during which the world is reshaped and saturated with magic. It's just a happy fantasy, "Oh, look at all these cool things" journey kind of story.
Tags: nano05, shiny tech

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