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Going to watch over my neighbor's elderly mother today, which is actually quite a cushy job if I ignore the rampant boredom that comes with it. Oh, and the fact I come out of her house smelling like the fake flower aisle of a craft store mixed with perfume.

On the plus side, I have free reign of the food in the house, and I'm taking the laptop over so I can work on my novel. Oh, and Buffy. Which will undoubtedly distract me from the novel, but that's okay. I'm ahead.

Watched two episodes of it last night, and remembered just why I loved it. First one, Spike was drunk and spent a lot of time moaning about how Dru left him. It was kind of cute. Second one, Cordelia (Twit! Twit!) wished Buffy away, which turned the world into Evil Sunnydale. Evil Willow was just... wow. Wow. I think the leather-clad sadist look is good on her. Heh heh. I need to find some screencaps so I can make an icon or two, I'm thinking.

I also rolled up the King of All Cosmos in We Love Katamari. Ha ha! Take that, daddy dearest! It was also my record-breaking Katamari. 3,500-something meters.

Okay, take book, take Buffy, take laptop, and I'll probably survive my seven-to-eight hour day of boredom. Gives me plenty of time to find something to whinge about tomorrow. </sarcasm>
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