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I'm hacking away at my novel, but it's like that one story where the bird comes to sharpen his beak on the giant stone every million years or so. That is, it's going a bit slowly. Only managed about a thousand words today, and the same yesterday. Thankfully, I had a bumper crop of words the day before and I am still on track.

I've been watching a lot of Buffy as well, and I had to keep myself occupied while I was, so...

Red Versus Blue 1 Image hosted by

I like the blue one especially well. Most because the other one contains pink. I'm horribly biased against pink.

Okay, I'm too aware that these words I'm typing should be words going into my novel. Back to the stone for my little birdy beak. I think I'm going to write a nice fight scene.

...For some reason, I'm having trouble fighting the urge for my main character and her pretty bodyguard to get together. Never mind that she likes boys, and just had a spat with her would-be boyfriend so the subject's sensitive. Brain, what's wrong with you? The girl has enough problems without a love triangle!
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