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40K! Yes! Success is nigh! -- Oh, and some other stuff too

I finally hit 40K words for my novel. 40,036 to be exact. And those last few words over the top were my MC bashing her would-be boyfriend over the head with a beer mug. (They've made up, sort of.)

Now, if I can just hit 50K before Tuesday so I can brag at the local NaNoWriMo meeting. Writing is the one thing my self-confidence is high enough in that I can and want to brag. Oh, and abuse people who abuse English. Heh heh heh.

One of my friends brought me ice cream, at one-thirty in the morning. Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake, to be exact. This is no mere vanilla, my friends! This is verging on the one ice cream to rule them all.

Right, getting loopy in my tired state. One final thought. No, wait two. First: they're making Memoirs of a Geisha into a movie, which is good. The fact that they're not using Japanese actors for the main roles is baffling, but I still want to see it. Second: why is it I have no one to cuddle with when the season is going into the icy hell known as winter? This seems like a very cruel thing to do to me, world. I mean, really. Would you like to spend winter cold and alone writing a novel and job hunting? I thought not.
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