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Tales of Symphonia babble and biscotti

Somehow I always manage to put two completely unrelated things into one entry.

I finished Tales of Symphonia today, and I have to load up my file just before the end and get a bunch of stuff before finishing, because, yes, there is a new game plus. So much love for this game. The playboy bish with *bright* red hair can run around in a purple speedo and shades all the time. Yes, through the dramatic cut scenes, in battle, and walking around town hitting on people for items (his special power!).

Also, I need to get more grade so my new game plus can have happy things like 10X EXP. Oooh shiny.

So, I made biscotti for the first time today. Turned out perfect. ("Expect to become known as brilliant cook and hostess." Bridget Jones's Diary) Okay, my first attempt at chocolate topping didn't work, but melted chocolate chips did. They went great with the caramel flavoured coffee I had around 10:30, which is why I'll be up until four or five this morning. Oopsy.

Right, back to earning Grade in ToS. Hee. It may screw me over on EXP for weak enemies, but it gives me lots of shiny grade. First dungeon, ho!

...That just reminded me of a funny moment in English class one year. We were reading some play (I think it was Romeo and Juliet) and one of the popular idiots was reading a line. He managed to make it sound like, "What, hoe?" the second word obviously only a derogatory term in his mind. It made me laugh. I suspect that everyone in my many classes thought I was crazy as I laughed at their mistakes. Just like people get scared when I whip out the red pen and correct signs posted around town. (My personal title for myself is grammar nazi bitch, but very few people know this. Just like most people don't know I call my grandfather the garbage nazi. Mostly because I try to be polite around people who don't know me very well. Hahaha!!)

I need to go sleep. Or at least curl up in bed and game. Snuggle time with Mister Gamecube! I just wish he didn't have so many pointy corners....
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