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Not *in* the gutter, but *is* the gutter.

Just a short list of "Bad things to say after sex" I compiled with a friend. Completely silly. Well... yeah, I wouldn't want to hear any of these. But c'mon, how many people would probably say them? >....>;;

P.S. The ones marked with "R" are mine; "M" are hers.

"Wait a second, dead people aren't supposed to ejaculate..." M

"That would've been so much better if you were an underage schoolgirl." R

"Happy birthday, dad!" M

"Sorry, didn't mean to get it in your hair." R

[girl] "Wow, my cock is hard again!" M

[girl] "Next time, *you* get to try double penetration." R

"Mmm...that was great. Now go finish off grandma." M

"Well, excuse me! I didn't know you wanted to use the decomposing baby today. You could've mentioned it earlier." R

"Here's your Klondike bar." M

"No, you can't save my semen and use it in a protein shake." R

"Well, it was better than gouging my brain out with a rusty spork!" R

"Good god, why didn't I gouge my brains out with a rusty spork?" M

I feel so immature, suddenly. I suppose I'd better gouge out my brain with a rusty spork. Oh, wait. Do they even make metal sporks? Now I want one....



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Dec. 15th, 2005 03:59 am (UTC)
I have a metal spork! it came with my bento box set.
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