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Today should've been really bad, but it wasn't. Went to the funeral, and it really made me happy to see how many people knew and cared about him. And I got my crying out, and had friends around, which is always good. My only gripe was that he wasn't Christian and the ceremony was heavy on the religion. But hey, funerals are for the living.

I have to say, having the first snow of the year today (snow's a rarity here anyway) was wonderful. Kinda like the world was making today special. Or Steve turned into some kind of demi-deity and got weather powers.

After the funeral, lots of us gathered and watched movies and drank. Not quite a wake, but companionship and such. There was much merriment, and lots of cuddling on the couch. I got tipsy and silly (and still am a bit) but all in all quite a good time.

I think I'm gonna bundle up and go play in the snow now. Do a little celebrating all by me onesies. Prolly gonna fall over. Heh heh.
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