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I feel like Gollum (The Saga of the Mp3 Player)

After my slightly less than mediocre Christmas, my dad offered to take me shopping for an mp3 player. Found one that was perfect, but the store was out of stock (no surprise).

Went online, found one that was 12 gigs bigger and only fifty bucks more. Dad asked if I really needed the extra space, and I said it meant I could clear all my music onto the player and delete the stuff I rarely listen to from my comp, freeing up space, etc., etc. And so he agreed.

So, come Friday, I get a new shiny. I'm sitting over here anticipating it, and slowly driving myself crazy trying to will time to hurry up and get to Friday already, damn it.

I seem to be having good luck with males that are not usually around. My dad, and his extreme niceness, for one. Second, a friend a met at uni (a fellow American; we bonded quickly and helped each other translate from Brit to American) is sending me a late Christmas gift. I'm tickled to bits. Thirdly, this really nice guy I met at an anime con (who has been trained by a massage therapist and does lovely things with his hands) is going to be moving into my area in May.

Of course, there are at least two men I know that drive me up the wall, so I figure it evens out.

Looking forward to the local geek party for New Years. It was awesome last year, and will probably be so again this year. (My inner greedy voice is going, "Especially with all that music right at your fingertips....)

I seem to have passed through my semi-annual funk without too much trouble. Huzzah!
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