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Food Babble

I've struck a bargain with one of my friends: she pays me to cook her breakfast and lunch four times a week. Obviously, stuff she can heat up herself -- she picks it up twice a week. I'm psyched. Someone is paying me to cook! Since it's a friend, I can try out new stuff without her throwing a fit, so I get practice too. Oh, and food.

I made chocolate-cherry mousse last night, and it tastes exactly like a chocolate-covered cherry. I topped it with marachino cherries, and it's heavenly. Rockstar Jello was the other thing I made yesterday, and it's kind of strange... I mean, carbonated, caffienated Jello. It's got a kick to it, that's for sure. (With three cups of Rockstar, duh, it has a kick!)

Other than that... I've introduced one of my friends to video games. She's playing FF7 right now, and is already in love. Triumph! A new gamer is born!

Side note: the most hilariously wrong tagline on ice cream ever is "A Quiescently Frozen Dairy Confection". I'm always glad to know my ice cream bars were quiet and still as they were frozen. I'd hate to think they, you know, put up a fight or something. *snicker*
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