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Boys bad, dirty talk good, D pretty.

Boys are bad and stupid and I don't like them anymore. And no, I don't care if I sound like I've regressed to age five. BOYS. BAD.

On a lighter note, I finished a quick little pr0ny thing for a friend and then spent some fun time with him tearing it to shreds so I can fix it up. Make it better (or worse depending on how you look at it). Buuut I get to indulge my penchant for horrible, filthy, dirty dialogue. Mmm, I love it when I get to make people say bad things.

The second Vampire Hunter D novel is following nicely after the first. Not with a continued plot, mind you, but with rampant references to how beautiful D is and oh, look at the village women swoon, and oh, look how the village men get jealous but secretly are swooning just a tiny bit themselves. Oh, and the schoolgirls want is autograph.

And no, I'm not making any of that up.

I'm sure guys would enjoy the novels too. They are full of serious cases of badassery, good fights, and loads of weird supernatural stuff. Oh, and post-apocalyptic things. Mecha horses and the norm, for one thing. O...o But really, the author lavishes some serious prettiness on his male characters. Well, the ones that aren't hulking, unshaven, would-be heroine molesters. Eeeeew.

Time for beddy-bye, and hope that I sleep soundly. I'm starting to get a mite bit twitchy over the boy problem. Eeeeargh.
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